Places to visit I.
There are a lot of places you can visit in Olomouc . In the city centre, there is for example Holy Trinity Column, which is part of UNESCO (

There are also many beautiful churches, cathedrals and chapels. If you want to know more, click here: (

If you are interested in jewish monuments, there is jewish cemetery on the periphery of the city and also synagogue, which is close to the city centre, visit this webside: (

There are also sights in olomouc region, castles, museums, chateaus (

You can also go for a walk in beautiful parks in Olomouc, for example Bezruč Park, Botanic garden or Smetana Park, which is next to the shopping centre Šantovka (

You can also visit some theatre, there is Moravian Theatre Olomouc, Music theatre, Šantovka theatre and many others. For more, click here: (

In hot days or just for fun, you can visit Aquapark Olomouc. It´s around 30 min by bus number 21 from main train station. There is indoor pool, which is open from Monday to Sunday: 9:00 – 21:00 and also outdoor pool, which is open from 9:00 to 19:00.

Another beautiful place is The Holy Hill 9 km from Olomouc. There is the Minor Basilica of visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, close to the basilica is ZOO. If you are interested in, click here: (

If you looking for some events in Olomouc, there will be Olomouc culture festival during this week. So you can see Cirkus Levirate – Juggling show on 25.7.2019, it starts at 4 p.m. in Terezská brána (49.5910417N, 17.2505033E), entry is free. ( And at 7 p.m. starts little concert of group names Tak co? (in english So what?), for more informaton, click here: (

You can also visit the exhibition of 150 years of tradition of manufacture pumps in National history museum in Olomouc (49.5964408N, 17.2570300E), for more, click here:

There are a lot of others exhibition and places you can visit, so for more, click here:

You can also visit some of many restaurants, breweries, bars, clubs and pubs. There are some examples:


- Moravská restaurace (49.5934831N, 17.2501603E)
- Svatováclavský pivovar (49.5958553N, 17.2586639E)
- Moritz – (49.5906094N, 17.2497244E)
- Drápal (49.5916442N, 17.2495250E)
- etc.

- Svatováclavský pivovar (49.5958553N, 17.2586639E)
- Minipivovar Riegrovka (49.5949436N, 17.2483131E)
- Moritz – (49.5906094N, 17.2497244E)
- Etc.

- La Havana
- Max café
- Metaxa bar
- For more, click here:

- Belmondo (49.5908583N, 17.2513772E)
- Varna (49.5944711N, 17.2491550E)
- 15 Minut music club (49.5977478N, 17.2667542E)
- Etc.

- Black Stuff Irish Pub (49.5971031N, 17.2613944E)
- Air Bar (49.5923767N, 17.2102889E)
- U Magora (49.5920294N, 17.2540150E)
- U Kuděje (49.5932769N, 17.2436600E)